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Top 8 Features to Look for in a Large Outdoor Dog Kennel and Run

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on May 17, 2023


Getting a new dog can be one of the happiest days for your family, but before you do, you have to decide how you will care for your dog. Investing in an outdoor kennel can benefit both the dog and you as the owner. However, only some large dog kennels are made the same. To ensure your dog is comfortable and happy in their home, look for eight essential features in a large outdoor kennel and run. 

Prioritize Your Dog's Comfort 

While you may be hesitant about keeping your dog in a kennel, you must remember that a high-quality outdoor kennel is a like a piece of your home in the backyard. If a metal crate or tiny doghouse comes to mind when you hear the word kennel, think again. These structures have been updated to give your dog the best home possible. A quality outdoor kennel with all the important features will ensure your dog has everything they need for a happy life. From adequate space to airflow, you want them always to be comfortable and safe. If keeping your dog inside is no longer an option, these kennels will serve as a perfect alternative and keep her happy, safe, and comfortable. 

Top 8 Features

It will be miserable if your dog is uncomfortable in their outdoor kennel. Your dog’s health and happiness are a priority, so finding a comfortable kennel should be too. Remember these eight necessary features as you search for the perfect large outdoor dog kennel and run. 

1. Sizing of Your Dogs Kennel

Consider how a kennel will fit your dog long-term if you have a pup. Plus, if you have multiple dogs, that is another important factor. A kennel should be large enough for your dog or dogs to move around comfortably without being too large that they begin to use the kennel as a bathroom. To find the perfect-sized large dog kennel, measure your dog’s height, length, and body width. If your dog is not fully grown, look up her breed's average size. Then, to find the necessary kennel size, add 9 inches to their height, 18 inches to the length, and 12 inches to the width. This will give your dog plenty of space to move around and stretch its legs. 

2. Is the Kennel Insulated?

While you may not immediately think to check for insulation in an outdoor kennel, it is a super important feature, especially if you have extreme temperatures throughout the year. Insulation helps ensure your kennel's interior remains comfortable and not too hot or cold for your dog. Keeping your dog outside during extreme weather may not be a great idea, but if your kennel has insulation, it can stay in its kennel and remain comfortable throughout the day. 

3. Quality of Materials

A kennel must be made from the highest quality materials to last a while. With so many different kennel manufacturers, you must carefully evaluate their materials. Your dog’s kennel should be a safe and secure place for her to stay. Quality materials ensure the kennel is leak-proof and stable in any weather conditions. Plus, high-quality materials can be chew-proof as well. If your dog has a habit of chewing anything in her path, you can be reassured that it will not do any significant damage, and the kennel will last for years. 

4. Good Airflow and Ventilation

Harsh temperatures can make a kennel stuffy if there is no proper ventilation. If you want your dog to thrive and be comfortable, ensure that the kennel you are looking at has ventilation features. This is also helpful in the cleaning routine. When there is good ventilation, it is harder for mold to grow. A ridged vent or air holes will be enough to keep air flowing throughout the large outdoor kennel. 

5. Connected Run Size

A run is pivotal to keeping your dog happy and comfortable in an outdoor kennel. It allows them to go outside as they wish but keeps them confined in a safe space. Giving her plenty of space within the run is necessary to ensure they have room to enjoy the outdoor space. Once again, the minimum size of the run should depend on the dog’s breed. However, we believe that a run can never be too big! If you are unsure which size dog run would work best for your dog, always choose the larger option. Your dog will thank you later. 

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6. Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning a large outdoor kennel and running is probably the last thing you want to do, but it must be a part of your routine to keep your dog healthy and comfortable. However, just because it is a necessary part of owning a kennel does not mean it must be a hassle. Quality materials like ProStruct flooring and plexiglass dog doors are designed to resist decay and warping, making it easy to rinse and clean. 

7. Safety the Kennel Provides

Keeping your dog outside unsupervised may not be the best option if you only have a fenced-in yard. Dogs can easily dig under the fence or hop it and escape. To prevent your dog from wandering too far and getting into trouble, a kennel gives you the best of both worlds. They allow you to let your dog outside for extended periods without you worrying about their safety. It is a great way to encourage independence without adding extra stress. 

8. Keep Your Dog Cozy at Night

There are always ways you can keep your dog happy and comfortable in an outdoor kennel. One extra step you can take to make their home as cozy as possible is to add bedding. This gives your dog a plush floor to nap on and snuggle into on a colder night. While this feature may not come with your kennel purchase, it is worth the extra investment. Treating your dog with the best materials is one way to express your love and care for them. 

Evaluate Your Options

Choosing the right kennel for your dog can be challenging when you do not know what to look for. That is why having a checklist of criteria you need the kennel to meet is essential. Each of these eight features should be included on your checklist to ensure your dog has the best large outdoor dog kennel and run possible. If you want to choose the right kennel, keep these features in mind and then decide on a kennel that best fits your dog’s needs. 

Helping You Find the Best Kennel

We know caring for your dog is like caring for your family, so you should not have to choose the large dog kennel on your own. We want to give you resources that can help throughout any purchasing process. Keeping your dog safe and healthy is the priority, but so many decisions come along with that — it can be overwhelming. If you struggle to know which choice is right for your dog, download our free guide, Evaluating the Best-fit Outdoor Dog Kennel for Your Dog.

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