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How to Choose the Best Professional Dog Kennel Runs for Your Working Dog

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on December 06, 2023


As pet owners, our primary concern revolves around the well-being and happiness of our four-legged companions. An integral aspect of ensuring this happiness is their living environment. Investing in commercial dog kennels and runs does not merely provide a space — it offers security, comfort, and peace of mind for both you and your dog. While the world of professional dog kennel runs might initially seem overwhelming with numerous choices and features to choose from, understanding your dog’s specific needs makes the decision process seamless. This blog is designed to help you determine exactly what your dog needs so you can find the best commercial dog kennels and runs.

Sizing Up The Perfect Kennel: Matching Breed, Space, and Growth

Selecting the perfect kennel for your dog is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Just as each dog has its own unique personality and set of needs, kennels also come with their distinct characteristics. And while there are many facets to consider when making this decision, one of the most pivotal is ensuring your dog has adequate space. The breed of your dog provides a baseline for kennel sizing. For instance, a Great Dane will undoubtedly require a larger space than a Pomeranian. It is essential to ensure the chosen kennel can comfortably accommodate your dog when it is standing, stretching, and lying down. Your dog should not feel confined but rather have freedom within its personal space. If you have a puppy, making a purchase based on their current size will lead to issues down the road. Research your dog's breed to get an idea of its adult size, and use that as a guideline.

A kennel run is more than just an extension — it is your dog's gateway to the outside world. This space allows them to experience nature, soak up the sun, and enjoy a change of scenery, all while being within safe boundaries. Consider it as their private playground. While the primary focus is on your dog's immediate needs, think long-term. You might want to add toys, a water fountain, or even an agility course in the future. Make sure you factor in some additional space if you foresee upgrades to your dog's outdoor living quarters.

Navigating Kennel Placement in Your Yard

Finding the right spot for your dog's kennel in your yard requires a balance of practicality, safety, and comfort. Beyond just measuring the physical space, understanding the nuances of your outdoor environment can make all the difference in ensuring your dog's well-being. Start with a thorough assessment of your yard's terrain. Flat, even ground is preferable as it ensures the kennel's stability and avoids water pooling. Areas with slopes or dips may accumulate water during rain, making the kennel damp and uncomfortable. Ensure the foundation is solid enough to support the kennel and run without shifting over time.

While dogs might enjoy sunbathing occasionally, extended exposure to direct sunlight can be detrimental. Place the kennel in a location where it receives a mix of shade and sun throughout the day. For colder climates, consider a spot that shields the kennel from harsh winds or heavy snowfall. An optimal location would be where a tree or your house casts shade during peak sun hours. Positioning it within a reasonable distance from your house also allows you to monitor your pet, respond quickly in case of emergencies, and make it convenient for routine feeding and care.

4 Essential Features for Peak Dog's Comfort

Providing your dog with a kennel is more than just offering shelter; it is about creating a haven where they feel safe, comfortable, and at ease. Paying attention to the following features can make a world of difference in your dog’s kennel experience.

1. Quality of Materials

Durability: A kennel built with high-quality materials ensures longevity, resisting wear and tear even with the most energetic of dogs.

Safety: Avoid materials that splinter, rust, or degrade quickly. The last thing you want is for your dog to injure itself on a protruding nail or a broken wooden plank.

2. Good Airflow and Ventilation

Temperature Regulation: Proper ventilation ensures that the kennel remains cool during hot days and does not become stuffy.

Humidity Control: A well-ventilated space can prevent mold and mildew growth, which can be detrimental to both the kennel's structure and your dog’s health.

3. Safety the Kennel Provides

Escape-proofing: Ensure the kennel is designed in a way that a clever dog can not easily find its way out, be it by digging under, jumping over, or manipulating latches.

Predator Protection: If you live in an area with wildlife, the kennel should be robust enough to deter potential predators from gaining access.

Stability: The kennel should have a sturdy base and structure, ensuring it does not tip or get upturned by strong winds or an energetic dog.

4. Keep Your Dog Cozy at Night

Bedding: Soft, durable, and washable bedding can make the kennel floor more inviting. Orthopedic beds can offer additional support for older dogs.

Personal Touch: Introduce familiar items such as your dog's favorite toys or a blanket that smells like home. This can make the kennel feel more like their personal space.

Ease of Access: Consider a kennel door that’s easy for your dog to move in and out of, ensuring they do not feel trapped or confined.

A dog's comfort within a kennel is not just about size and space. It is a combination of safety features, high-quality materials, proper ventilation, and those little touches that make the kennel feel like home. Investing in these comfort features ensures your dog not only has a place to stay but a sanctuary they can truly enjoy.

Dakota Kennels: Tailored Solutions for Every Dogs Need

Choosing the right kennel is about understanding your dog's unique needs and finding a kennel that complements them. At Dakota, we are committed to quality and craftsmanship. We offer a range of commercial dog kennels and runs to ensure every dog finds its perfect home.

Single Kennels

secure kennel

If you have one dog or if each of your dogs needs its own space, single kennels are the go-to choice. They allow you to customize the environment for each dog's comfort and needs. For homeowners with limited yard space, a single kennel can be a more fitting choice, ensuring efficient use of space without compromising on the dog's comfort. Individual kennels make it easier to monitor a dog's health, eating habits, and overall well-being, ensuring tailored care for each pet.

Double Kennels

Blog_Double Dog Kennel_900x450

Dogs are pack animals, and many thrive when they have a companion. Double kennels offer enough space for two dogs to live comfortably together. Instead of investing in two separate single kennels, a double kennel might be a more economical choice if you are looking to house two dogs. Plus, cleaning and maintaining one double kennel can be less labor-intensive than managing two separate spaces.

Commercial Kennels

commercial dog kennel

If you are a breeder, run a dog boarding facility, or simply have several furry friends, commercial kennels provide the space and features needed to accommodate multiple dogs. Commercial dog kennels and runs often come equipped with advanced features like segregated feeding areas, individual rest spots, and reinforced safety measures. Designed for professionals, these kennels prioritize ease of access and monitoring, ensuring that each dog receives the care and attention it needs.

Why Dakota Kennels?

At Dakota, we have a relentless focus on quality, durability, and design. Whether you are searching for a cozy spot for your single pet or a comprehensive solution for multiple dogs, Dakota offers a range of professional dog kennel runs to suit every requirement. Our emphasis on safety, comfort, and longevity ensures your dog will have a haven in your backyard.

Choosing the Right Kennel: Where Every Detail Matters for Your Dog

Choosing a kennel is more than just a purchase; it is an investment in your dog's happiness and safety. By considering size, location, comfort features, and quality, you are not only providing a home but also ensuring a space of joy for your furry friend. From understanding the size requirements of their breed to ensuring the kennel is placed in an optimal location in your yard, every detail matters when you are aiming to provide the best for your dog companion. Interested in learning more about professional dog kennel runs? Reach out to our dedicated sales team to discover the perfect kennel and run for your beloved dog.

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