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Guide to Dog Kennel Runs: Chain-link, Wire Mesh, Welded Wire Fencing

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on August 16, 2023

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Choosing the right dog kennel run can be more complex with the numerous fencing materials. Plus, factors like the size and location of the run all play a crucial role in your pet's comfort and safety. The market is flooded with materials, each claiming to be the 'best.' The most common ones include chain links, wire mesh, and welded wire fencing. But, with so many different types of fencing out there, how will you know which is the best for your dog's specific needs? We aim to simplify this process and ultimately lead you to a decision you and your dog will be happy with.

A Guide to Kennel Runs

Let's begin with one of the most fundamental aspects of a large dog kennel run — the size. Many pet owners often underestimate the importance of size when selecting a kennel, potentially leading to a stressful environment for their pets. An appropriately sized kennel should provide enough room for your dog to move freely and stretch out. In a well-sized kennel, your dog should be able to stand, sit, lie down, and turn around easily. If your dog can not perform these basic movements without feeling cramped, it could lead to anxiety and a sense of confinement. While selecting a kennel, consider your pet's breed and age. A large breed will require more space than a smaller one, and a puppy will grow, needing more room as it matures.

Kennels and runs are pivotal in a dog's life, serving as more than an enclosure. They act as a haven, a private space, and an interactive area where your dog can play, rest, and unwind. Some pet owners may argue that their dog can roam freely in a yard, negating the need for a large dog kennel. A yard can not provide the same sense of security and ownership that a kennel and run can offer. Apart from providing a sanctuary for your dog, kennels are also practical for pet owners. They are a great way to keep your dogs safe when you're not at home or during events where the presence of a dog might not be appropriate. Additionally, a well-placed kennel offers your dog shelter from adverse weather conditions. It shields your pet from the hot summer sun, driving rain, or biting cold winds, providing a safe and comfortable spot regardless of the weather.

Benefits Of A Dog Run

A dog run offers multiple advantages, both for your furry friend and you. A well-designed dog run fosters a healthy, happy pet by blending security, freedom, and convenience with care. Here are a few benefits of a dog run. 

Keep Your Dog Out Of The Way

A dog run is not merely about confining your pet; it is about ensuring their safety during construction or landscaping. It creates a buffer zone, keeping your dog away from any potential harm, whether it is dangerous tools, harmful chemicals, or simply the commotion. It is worth noting that a dog run is not only useful during home renovations. It is beneficial anytime there is a situation that could cause anxiety or pose a threat to your pet. For example, during a thunderstorm, a dog run can provide a secure, familiar space that might help soothe your pet's anxiety.

Convenience During Events

Dog runs also offer significant convenience for pet owners. Let's consider you are throwing a party, a barbecue, or a family gathering. While your dog might be the life of the party for some, not everyone is comfortable around dogs. Some might have allergies, fear, or are simply uncomfortable around dogs, especially children or elderly family members. In such situations, a dog run provides a convenient solution. It allows your pet to be in the vicinity, enjoying the fresh air and outdoor stimuli, while also keeping your guests comfortable.

Out In The Fresh Air

One of the major perks of a dog run is the opportunity it provides for your pet to enjoy the outdoors. Dogs, like humans, need their fair share of vitamin D. In a dog run, your pet can soak up the sun, watch birds, or simply enjoy the breeze on a hot day while in a secure environment. This enhances their physical health and contributes to their mental well-being.

Designed To Suit Your Dog

Dog runs are highly customizable spaces that cater to your dog's preferences. You can put items like your dog’s favorite toy, bed, or blanket in the kennel and run so they feel more at home. The goal is to create a space where your dog feels comfortable and happy. Adding familiar objects or tailoring the run to suit your dog's behavior can help ensure your dog sees this space as a positive environment rather than a restrictive one.

Safety First

Let's face it; dogs are natural explorers. They are intrigued by the world around them and driven by instincts that sometimes land them in trouble. They might eat something they should not dig up your newly planted flowers or even find a way to escape from your yard. A dog run is a confined, safe space where your dog can spend time outdoors when you can not keep a watchful eye on them. It helps curb their destructive behavior by limiting their access to things they should not have while giving them freedom. It is a win-win for both dogs and their owners.

Wood kennel with run

Fencing Types

Dog kennel run fencing has three main types: chain-link, wire mesh, and welded wire. Each has its own characteristics that make it more suitable for certain applications than others. Here, we will dive into the details of each type to help you determine the most suitable for your pet's needs.


Chain-link fencing is one of the most common types used for large dog kennels. It is popular due to its durability, affordability, and ability to withstand even the most enthusiastic dogs. Chain-link fences are made of interwoven steel wires, creating a strong barrier that most dogs cannot break or chew through. This type of fencing is also transparent, allowing your dog to see out and you to see in, facilitating easy supervision of your pet's activities.

While chain-link is robust, it can lead to injuries if your dog is prone to jumping or climbing, as their paws or collars may get stuck in the mesh. Also, the larger gaps in chain-link fencing may allow smaller critters like squirrels or rodents to enter the kennel, which could be a problem for some dogs.

Wire Mesh

Wire mesh fencing is another good option for dog kennel runs. It is made from wires woven together to form a tight mesh, creating a solid barrier that is difficult for dogs to penetrate. Wire mesh fencing is smaller than chain-link fencing, which reduces the risk of paw or collar entrapment and prevents smaller critters from getting in.

On the downside, wire mesh fences may be less durable than chain-link fences and could get damaged over time due to weather conditions or the weight of a larger dog leaning against it. Additionally, because wire mesh is not as see-through as chain-link, it could make your pet feel more enclosed or restricted.


Welded Wire


Welded wire fencing is becoming increasingly popular for dog runs due to its robustness and safety. This type of fencing consists of steel wires welded together at every intersection, creating an extremely durable grid and resistance to damage. The strength of welded wire fences makes them an excellent choice for large or energetic dogs that might cause damage to lighter materials.

Welded wire fencing also reduces the risk of injury as there are no large gaps for paws or collars to get caught. Moreover, the holes in welded wire fences are small enough to keep out most critters yet large enough to give your pet a clear view of the outside world.

The primary disadvantage of welded wire fences is their cost, which tends to be higher than chain-link or wire mesh. However, considering their durability and safety, many dog owners find the investment worthwhile.

Create a Comfortable Home by Choosing the Right Kennel With a Run

Choosing the right dog kennel run is essential in providing a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable environment for your furry friend. Your dog's kennel run should be a place of comfort and a home. Therefore, ensure it is equipped with amenities your dog loves, from their favorite toys to their comfortable bed, creating a positive environment where they would love to spend time. With the right knowledge and understanding, choosing the right large dog kennel and run can take you one step closer to a happier, healthier pet. Our free guide can be the perfect tool if you are looking for more detailed advice and further tips to find the right kennel. Download Evaluating the Best-fit Outdoor Dog Kennel for Your Dog today!

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