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How to Free Up Space in Your Home in 8 Simple Steps

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on May 08, 2023


You may be asking yourself how to get organized at home. It could be a significant stress point if your home could be more organized. We get it, life is busy, but since you have so many other things to worry about, your home should be a space to relax. Clutter does the opposite and can be a continuous struggle. Finding an organizational system that works for you can be pivotal to your mental health and happiness. If you know that your space needs an organization renovation but are overwhelmed and need help figuring out where to start, you have come to the right place! We are detailing a simple eight-step process to help you organize every inch of your home and free up space. 

Free Up Space in No Time

Home organization is always a nice thought in theory, but it can be hard to execute. Time is a significant factor that keeps people from organizing their space. When you have a busy schedule, it makes cluttering easier and finding time to manage more difficult. However, organizing your home can be something other than a multi-day affair that you must mark on your calendar months in advance. While that is helpful for some people, it can also happen in little increments over time. We recommend you start by organizing your home one room at a time. This will help you have your home back together in no time. 

8 Steps Made Simple

A proven strategy is crucial for any home organization project. These simple steps may not be the most elaborate way to organize your home, but they are efficient and proven effective. Following these eight steps will give you an organized home in no time.  

1. Take Everything Out of the Room

You heard us right; everything must come out of the room before you begin to organize. It will be overwhelming and frustrating if you are trying to eliminate clutter. Removing everything from a room gives you a blank canvas to start fresh. Only bring back the items that you want to keep. Everything else can be trashed or donated. This will help ensure that only your most used items will be saved, and everything else will be removed from the space. 

2. Categorize Items

Consider grouping items into different categories as you bring them back into the room. For example, if you are decluttering your home office, all your books can be placed together on a shelf, all of your pens can be organized in a drawer or holder on your desk, and all your messy papers can be put into a stack. This keeps small items from being sprawled out on the floor of your room. Plus, by categorizing items, you can find exactly what you are looking for when needed. 

3. Throw Away or Donate Things You Do Not Need

We know it is tempting to keep items “just in case.” However, that mentality only creates more clutter. If you do not need it, if it does not have any sentimental value, or if you do not use it, do not keep it. This step may end up being therapeutic for you. Nothing relieves stress like getting rid of items you no longer need. You will be amazed at how tossing unnecessary things can help you free up space.

4. Get Storage Containers

Storage items like boxes, bins, and shelving can significantly benefit any home organization project. No matter the article, it is worth the investment if you think it will help you store your items better. This step is a creative way to organize everything inside a room. The more storage items you have, the more possibilities you will have to create a well-organized space. 

5. Store Like Items Together

Once you have purchased your storage items, it is time to fill them. Keep in mind that it is essential to store items together. Sentimental cards you receive from loved ones can be kept in a small box or bin. Your kid’s hand-me-down clothes can be placed in a box for their younger brother or sister. Picture frames and decorative objects can be stored on the shelves of a home office and serve as decor. This is your time to make your own space and set it up in a way that works best for you. 


6. Label Your Storage Items

Knowing what is inside boxes and bins will take a lot of work. If these boxes are stacked on each other, it can be a pain to get to the bottom box and find out what is inside. Consider adding labels to the outer sides and top of the boxes to make finding your items more accessible. You can DIY your labels by buying mailing labels from the store or investing in a label maker for quick use. No matter how you label your boxes, we know it will make your life easier in the long run. 

7. Neatly Store Your Items

Once your like items are placed together into boxes and bins, it is time for you to move everything back into the space. Keep your most used items in the front for easy access if the room is used as a storage shed or closet. However, if this room is multi-purpose and people will be using it often, make sure that where you place your boxes and bins still allows for a functional space, 

8. Stick to your Storage Plans

Let’s face it; the home organization is a continuous battle. Decluttering your home once will not last for the next few years, especially if you have kids. Organizing your items a little daily and sticking to your organizational plan will help your new system last as long as possible. Once you get into this habit, it will become second nature. Then, once things have gotten a little messy again, you can repeat these steps to keep your home clutter-free. 

Rinse and Repeat

These steps can work in every room of the home. From the kitchen to the basement, every room needs good decluttering. As you have free time in your schedule, find a new space that you can organize. Once your whole home is clean and clutter-free, it will feel like a weight is lifted off your chest. If you want to free up space in your home but need an easy yet effective system, follow these steps.

Looking for More?

Once your home is clutter-free, you can relax and enjoy your home after a long day. While organizing may seem daunting initially, it can be broken down into a flexible and efficient system. Only continue living in clutter if you are sure to begin. Follow the steps above for a streamlined process resulting in an organized home. Check out our free guide, 6 Storage Ideas for Home Organization, for more storage ideas.

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