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Backyard Organization Ideas: Tips for Storing Your Outdoor Summer Items

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on September 18, 2018


As you start to prepare for fall, and you’re getting ready to put away your summer things, these backyard organization ideas may be helpful.

Add these items to your fall to-do list. It’ll help you properly store your summer gear.

Summer Clothes

Here are some tips for organizing and storing your summer clothes.

  • Launder all articles of clothing before storing.
  • Roll clothing instead of folding; it’s a more efficient packing method.

  • Store your clothing in clear plastic containers so that articles of clothing are easy to locate.
  • Label your storage boxes, even if they’re see-through. Easy ways to do this include taping index cards to the outside of the box, applying a wide piece of masking tape to the bin, or using printed labels from a label maker.

  • Include satchels of dried lavender or dryer sheets in your storage bins to keep clothes smelling fresh.

  • Use wardrobe boxes to store clothing that should be hung up.

Grill & Patio Furniture

What should you do with your grill, patio furniture, cushions, and hammocks during the fall and winter months? Check out these storage ideas.

  • Clean your outdoor furniture first, then cover it with heavy-duty all-weather covers for protection.

    Tip: The space under the storage covers makes a convenient place to store firewood during the winter. Score!

  • Thoroughly clean the grates of your grill before winter to prevent bacteria from growing during the winter months. Remember to put a handful of mothballs on a dish and set the dish in the grill to deter mice or other small rodents from making a nest in your grill over winter. If it’s a propane grill, make sure the tank is disconnected.

    Tip: A gas grill should never be stored indoors, instead put a tarp over it or invest in a grill cover.

  • Remove any cushions or pillows from your outdoor seating and put them in plastic bins or garbage bags.

  • Fold up your hammock and put it in a plastic bag or storage box. Sprinkle baking soda over it to keep the ropes and fabric dry and prevent mold or mildew growth.

  • Remove gasoline from your lawnmower engine.

  • Remove oil or fuel from tiki torches, or it may thicken and become difficult to clean out in the spring.

Bikes, Kayaks, & Canoes

Making sure your bikes, kayaks, canoes, and other outdoor recreational equipment are properly stored over the winter will assure they’re ready when you are next spring.

  • Before storing, clean and dry your outdoor items. Baking soda, bleach, vinegar, or good ol’ soap and water often do the trick, but there are always tips for doing the job better.

  • Always make sure your outdoor recreational equipment is properly covered even if these items are stored in your basement, backyard shed, or garage during the winter.

  • Do you have a winter bike? Lucky you! If not, here's a guide to storing your summer bike for when the winter weather sets in.

  • If your canoe or kayak sits improperly for four months or more, it may not perform as well as it could. Spend a little time to figure out what storage method works best for your situation. Here are some kayak and canoe storage tips.

Play Equipment

Children love playing outdoors in nice weather, so make sure your play equipment is stored properly so that it’s ready for your kiddos when warmer weather returns.

  • Empty sandboxes and cover them securely to keep out unwanted pets, animals, insects, and debris.

  • Give your equipment a thorough hose down. Make sure lichen, mold, and moss are removed during the cleaning. Also, check the manufacturer’s website to discover cleaning recommendations and winterizing tips.

  • Store plastic play toys in an outdoor storage box or waterproof storage bin, in a dry area in your shed, garage, or basement. If they are too large or bulky, try covering them with a tarp to keep away mold.

For more tips on how to store your summer supplies, check out

When outdoor storage boxes and patio storage benches don’t cut it—consider buying a shed.

When you need a dedicated space to keep things like patio furniture, bikes, and seasonal decor, nothing compares to having a backyard shed. When you buy from us, you get a high-quality building that will last, and you have several additional storage options to maximize space—like lofts, built-in shelves, and a convenient wall storage unit, the VersaCaddy. Here’s what else you get from us.

  • Factory Direct Pricing. At Dakota Storage Buildings, we sell our sheds factory direct which means there’s no middleman. We build high-quality, dependable sheds and sell them directly to you. This keeps your cost down and simplifies the buying process.
  • Great Customer Service. Because we value our customers, we want to make the buying process as easy as possible. From finding the perfect storage building to delivery day, we care about your satisfaction and peace of mind.
  • Payment Options. Needing a shed is one thing, purchasing one is another. Because we understand that, we offer three purchasing options: buy, finance, and rent to own. Whether you want to buy outright or arrange a loan, we have an option that will make buying a shed feasible for you. Our goal is to get you the high-quality storage shed of your choice in the quickest way possible. Just looking to rent a shed? We can help with that, too.
  • Choose from On-site Construction and Delivery. All of our buildings can be built on-site or delivered fully intact. When you choose to have a shed or garage built on-site, we prefabricate the building in our factory and then transport the sections to your property for assembly. Learn more about our delivery process.
  • Shed Customization. If you don’t want to start with a pre-determined shed package, but would prefer to customize your shed or garage from top to bottom, try our online shed configurator. You can choose everything from size and siding material to door types and storage add-ons.   

Design Your Ideal Backyard Shed

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