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Things to Consider When Buying a Shed​ [Shed Buying Checklist]

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on October 31, 2017

Buying a shed? Use Dakota Storage's checklist to help you choose the right one.

There are many things to consider when buying a shed. Our interactive checklist will help you decide.

Whether you're planning to buy a shed next year or sometime within the next couple years, it's never too early to start doing your homework in preparation for your big purchase.

We created an interactive Shed Buying Checklist that maybe just want you need to get the ball rolling. In this checklist, we cover sheds sizes, shed siding, roofing options, and so much more. 

Download Free Shed Buying Workbook

Here's a glimpse into our Shed Buying Checklist.

Buying a Shed | Shed Sizes

We offer 3 styles of sheds: Ranch, High Barn, and Low Barn. The Ranch style is an A-frame building with the primary door located on the side. The High Barn and Low Barn styles combine traditional styling with generous overhead storage space. The roof has two slopes on each side of the ridge with a steeper, lower slope, providing extra headroom.

Each style is available in a variety of sizes. Below is a chart of size options. Which would be best for you?

  • 8 Foot Options - 8×12, 8×14
  • 10 Foot Options - 10×12, 10×14, 10×16, 10×18, 10×20
  • 12 Foot Options 12×12, 12×14, 12×16, 12×18, 12×20, 12×24, 12×28, 12×32
  • 14 Foot Options - 14×20, 14×24, 14×28, 14×32
  • 16 Foot Options - 16×28, 16×32, 16×36, 16×40, 16×24

Often people underestimate how much room items actually take up. We suggest using LP Outdoor Building Solutions' shed size calculator to help you estimate what shed size you should get based on how you want to use it. 

Which size best suits your needs? 

Buying a Shed | Shed Siding

Shed siding comes in a range of materials, so deciding which one is right for you can be a tough decision. Your choice may depend on your budget, the look you want, or the amount of time you’re willing to put into maintenance. 

  • Painted Wood Panels - LP® SmartSide® Panel Siding offers all the warmth and beauty of traditional wood siding, along with the advantages of our treated wood technology. These siding panels are more durable, dimensionally stable and consistent than traditional wood materials. 

  • Wood Lap Siding - We offer a variety of LP® SmartSide® Siding options made with specially engineered wood. Resilient and long-lasting, this siding can withstand major weather events as well as pest invasion. You can choose the perfect color to compliment any outdoor space. 

  • Metal Siding - The Tuff-Rib corrugated panel is the most commonly used metal siding in the residential and agriculture market today. We offer TuffRib because it’s dependable, long-lasting, and economical. Many of the colors offered are Energy Star approved for great energy efficiency.  

Which siding material do you like best?   

Buying a Shed | Roof Options

We offer two roofing options. Both are high-quality, fight against natural enemies like sun, rain, wind, moss, and algae, and come in a variety of colors. 

  • Steel Panels - Long Creek Steel’s high-quality steel roofing is engineered to provide superior protection and has a wide variety of paneling and color options. 

  • Shingles - We use TruDefinition® Duration® Shingles by Owens Corning that utilize SureNail® Technology to ensure durability—they’re engineered to survive even 130 MPH winds. 

Whether you choose a steel roof or shingles, all of our buildings over 120 square feet have a 15-pound layer of felt under the roofing of your choose—this provides extra protection against the weather. To construct the roof, we use OSB roof sheeting instead of plywood because it’s stronger and more durable.

Which roof material do you prefer? Be sure to weigh all the important things to consider when buying a shed that's the perfect fit for you.

Buying a Shed | Shed Installation

All of our storage buildings can be built on-site or delivered to your property. Why would you choose one option over the other? Read on to find out.

  • Built On-Site - Some properties do not have sufficient space for the delivery of a pre-built shed installation. In this case, our builders will assemble the shed of your choice anywhere on your property. The majority of our buildings can be built on-site. When you choose the on-site building option, we prefabricate the building in our factory and then transport the sections to complete the project on your property. 

  • Delivery - We partner with Dakota Shed Haulers to provide a safe and efficient shed delivery experience. Delivery is free within 100 miles of our Milbank, SD shop or 20 miles from one of our shed display locations. When we arrive at a customer’s home, we unload the shed and use a mule tractor to move it into place. Before leaving we make sure everything is lined up properly and to the satisfaction of the customer. 

Do you want your shed to be built on-site or delivered? 

Download our Shed Buying Checklist now!

Ready to start making this personal? Download our checklist now then take time to answer all the questions.

Each section is designed to help you choose the ideal storage building—from size, style and siding options to roofing material, add-ons like shutters and window boxes, and upgrades (why go with standard wood doors when you can get fiberglass?).

At the end of the checklist, you'll see a section labeled "Where to Go From Here." You'll find several suggestions—including how to order a catalog and how to get a quote. Choose which option (or options!) is best for you.

Download Our Shed Buying Workbook

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