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Shed Buying: How to Choose the Best Storage Shed [Worksheet]

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on February 14, 2020

Shed Buying: Choosing the Best Storage Shed

Buying a shed soon? Use our worksheet to think through the specifics before making a purchase.

Naturally, you want to purchase the best storage shed. Yet from style to size to siding and roofing, there’s a lot to consider.

The chances are good that you don’t need to buy a backyard shed today or even next month, so you have plenty of time to think through your options — and our worksheet can help!

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If you head to a local garden center or big-box home improvement store — or even start searching online — you’ll be inundated with all kinds of sheds and So. Many. Price Points!

Sheds start at about $250 (or even less) and go all the way up to large garage-size structures that cost several thousands of dollars.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You have many things to consider before you start thinking about the price.

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself when buying a shed.

Begin with the end in mind: How will you use your shed? 

If you need a shed for storage alone (think garden tools, lawn mower, snowblower, shovels, ladders, etc.), you probably can get away with a relatively small shed about 8’x6’.

And if you’re looking to convert a shed into a man cave, backyard office, or pool house? Whatever your purpose or ideal use, there’s a shed for it!

So knowing how you’ll use the structure is your first step in choosing the best storage shed.

What size shed should you get?

Consider what you'll be using your shed for and what you'll be storing inside. 

For instance, if you're using it to store an ATV, be sure to measure the vehicle's width and length so that you get an appropriately sized structure, but bear in mind that you need enough room to move around inside, and if you wish, adequate room for maintenance work.

What's the right size? There's no one-size-fits-all solution. A pool house can be smaller or larger based on your needs and available space. The same goes for a garden shed, she shed, workshop shed, or whatever use-case you can imagine. 

TIP: Play around with our online configurator to see the different sizes of sheds we offer. 

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As you consider the inside space requirements, don't forget about the outside. How much room do you have on your property, and where will the shed be placed? There may be dimension restrictions that also factor in your size choice.

How much should you expect to spend on the best storage shed for your needs? 

You can buy a storage shed "as is" from a box store or home improvement shop. But if you have dreams of a personalized workspace with loft storage and built-in shelves, you may need to have the structure custom-built by a shed manufacturer. The cost of a shed not only depends on the size but also whether it's pre-built or custom-built.

Insight: Dakota Storage Buildings has pre-built sheds and custom-built sheds — but BOTH are made with quality materials.

Use our buying worksheet to ensure you find the best storage shed.

Our worksheet, How to Choose the Right Storage Building, will help you navigate every important part of buying a storage shed. It coaches you through helpful questions, some of which may take some thought on your part. (Not too much time or thought, we promise!)

For example, when you ask yourself what you’ll use the shed for, we have more than 25 possible answers. Be sure to identify all that apply. You may find that while you primarily want a shed for storage, you also may come to realize the value of it doubling as a hobby workshop or woodworking shop . . . which would require a few more decisions and considerations.  

If you decide that the shed would be used for storage only, our worksheet will also help you brainstorm all the features or add-ons that you may want inside your shed to maximize storage space. 

By thinking through the details, you could surprise yourself!

You may think you're buying a shed only to store your mower, snow blower, rakes, and shovels. However, after a few minutes spent working through our worksheet, you may realize that you also need space for:

  • The large tabletop saw you got for Christmas
  • The paint supplies you're using for a painting project
  • The bicycles your now-adult children no longer use, but that you want to keep for the grandchildren 
  • The storage bins currently in the basement that need to be relocated elsewhere

There are so many things to consider, aren't there?

Calculate storage space before buying a shed. 

Once you’ve made your way through the worksheet, it’s time to calculate the size shed you need. We use LP® Outdoor Building Solutions® products for our sheds, so we highly recommend their shed size calculator. Use it to help you determine the size shed that’s best for you then mark it on our worksheet. If you’d like, you can jump on our online configurator to check out sizes.

One last question: Where should you buy your shed?

We know that answer, and we hope you agree: Dakota Storage Buildings!

We have several shed displays throughout Minnesota and South Dakota. Plus, we offer on-site construction options, free delivery of pre-built sheds, factory direct pricing, payment options — including financing — and more.

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