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More Than a Storage Building Manufacturer

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on February 12, 2019

More Than A Storage Building Manufacturer

We make high-quality storage buildings because we want to help organize your life and keep your possessions safe.

Life is demanding and full of choices. We’d love to make just one aspect of your life a little easier. We care about helping you organize your life, assisting you as you look for the best storage solution for your needs, and making the purchasing process as easy as possible. That’s why it’s our mission to provide products that are built well and worth every invested dollar.

We are also in the process of updating our shed and garage packages and making the buying process easier than ever. And with three different payment options available, everyone can afford to organize their lives without compromising quality.

While our team of builders and craftsmen manufacture quality storage sheds and garages, this spring we will begin selling backyard chicken coops and outdoor dog kennels, too. We believe that offering these new products will give chicken raisers and dog owners in South Dakota and Minnesota a high-quality option. Hens should have nice houses, and canines should have warm cabins, right? 

We care about quality, service, respect, and more

Now you know our mission. But what are the driving factors behind that mission? We have a handful—and they affect and influence the way we do our work and treat our customers.


Each building is designed to last a lifetime. To validate that value, we offer warranties with each shed and garage we build, and we invest in quality products because we know you’re investing in a quality building.

Another reason why we use quality materials is because we believe our buildings are a representation of our craftsmanship and integrity. Plus, premium materials are easier to build with, and they cut down on future maintenance.

We would never sell you a storage building that we wouldn’t buy ourselves or recommend to our grown children. We want to be as mindful about your purchase as we would our own.


Our goal is to constantly and consistently exceed customer expectations from website window shopping to post-delivery follow up. If you can easily navigate our website, find the shed that will solve your storage problem, and experience helpful and considerate interactions with our team, then we know we’re on the right track.

We don’t think anyone should invest in a shed or garage without adequate help. No matter what organizational or storage problem you have, our team will help you determine the best solution. Feel free to message us on Facebook, shoot us an email, fill out our Contact form, or call our team—we are always ready and delighted to help.


We treat everyone the way we want to be treated. That’s why we always listen to shoppers, offer honest feedback, give valuable advice—and all with a smile. That’s also why we deliver on time—because we respect your time, plans, and expectations.

Hard Work

We apply ourselves to our work with diligence, exerting our strengths and skills in all we do. Beyond creating skillfully crafted storage buildings, we continually strive to improve ourselves personally and professionally.


We’re always looking for ways to improve. We desire to offer the easiest shopping and buying process and the best user experience. That’s one reason why we’ve introduced expertly designed shed and garage packages and an easy-to-use online configuration tool.

We also care about inventing new add-on options, building styles, and more. Our team works together to come up with innovative ideas all the time, and we love it!

How we put our mission into motion

In addition to using the best materials and building with quality craftsmanship to create premium storage solutions, we also provide optimal organizational opportunities within our storage sheds and garages—like:

  • Built-in shelves and lofts - We offer built-in shelves and lofts for increased storage space. It’s an easy way to get the extra storage space you need without ordering a bigger building size or spending money on temporary or lower quality solutions. If you’re looking for a built-in workbench, our shelves are ideal.
  • VersaCaddy™ Organizer Kit - This kit is a complete and versatile storage system specifically designed to utilize the vertical space between 16" on center studs—maximizing the storage space inside sheds and garages.
  • Porch options - Adding a Basic Porch or a Cottage Porch to your building extends your storage area—it’s a perfect place for keeping muddy work boots, shovels, and more.

We also love giving free advice. That’s one of the reasons we have a blog. Sure, we enjoy talking about and promoting our products because we believe that they are high-quality storage solutions, but we also like giving helpful advice. We cover a myriad of topics—here are just a few:

We want to hear from you

Enough about us. We want to hear from you. What do you care about most when you’re looking for a shed to solve your storage problems? Where do you look? We’d love to hear from you. Take a moment to tell us about your storage challenges, how you hope to solve them, and what your next step will be.

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It’s our mission at Dakota Storage Buildings to make affordable, premium storage sheds and garages that solve storage problems and meet organizational needs. Discover The Dakota Difference.

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