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Shed Siding Options: Best Outdoor Shed Color Ideas for Your Backyard

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on December 26, 2022

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When you choose a high-quality shed for your backyard, it’s going to be there for 20 years or more, so you need to make sure it’s exactly what you want. That’s why you should buy a shed that has the shed siding options you want so that the shed reflects your tastes. And while your taste in shed colors is important, there are also a lot of other factors that go into choosing a color. The color of your own home, any other outbuildings, and neighborhood homes should all play a role in the color you pick.

Mocha_TanTerracotta Shades

Many people use the shed for gardening supplies and projects, and they find that a terracotta shade is perfect for portraying the use of the shed. This is a great earth tone that goes well with the natural environment in your yard. This color is a brown-orange shade that looks very natural outdoors. It can be a great way to have the shed fit in with its environment. Our beautiful burnt orange shade can design and buy a shed in called Rockwood Terra. It’s a nice, calming color when you want to keep the yard looking natural.


With this hue, you get the benefit of its natural looks as well as its trendy appeal. This color has a lot of natural appeals if you’re trying to let your shed blend in with the greenery outdoors while still keeping it separated from the brighter green of the grass and shrubs. The colors Cocoon and Sandy Ridge are great ones that perfectly blend natural shades together for colors that feel brand new. These shades are both sophisticated colors that are great for modern shed siding options.


If you aren’t looking for a way to have your shed blend in with its natural surroundings, you may want a brighter color that makes your shed stand out. For fans of red, they know how difficult it can be to use it on a large scale such as for an entire house. However, it’s perfect for use on a smaller scale like a backyard shed. It would be harsh on the eyes if it were used for a home, but a small building like a shed can be made a focal point with its use.

Dark_BrownBrown Shades

If you’re looking to create a highly traditional look for your shed, brown is a useful color. Brown can make a shed look vintage or a part of the natural environment. When you buy a shed in brown, it also doesn’t show the dirt that can occasionally get into a shed. There are a lot of great modern brown shades that are warm and will make the shed look very well situated in its space.

BuckskinWarm, Neutral Colors

There are a number of fun neutrals that are warm and inviting. Colors may have a lot of beige or sand shades in them, or they may be a lighter brown. If you like nude colors, one of these shades may be right for your shed. These colors make your shed look cozy and clean and will make the shed stand out without being too bright. Shed siding options in warm neutrals are classics that won’t go out of style in a few years. They’re always popular shades that look great anywhere you put them.

WhiteWhite or Ivory

Many people love these colors and know just how versatile they are. They’re perfect for a wide range of shed uses from a garden shed to a mechanical-projects shed. Sure, they will show more dirt than other colors, but it can be worth it to see how crisp and clean they look in a backyard. White makes a shed stand out from its surroundings without being harsh on the eyes. White and ivory can also be great for a minimalist look if you’re going for that. This color can look stunning anywhere you put it, and it can make the shed look bigger than it is.

BlueHues of Blue

A cool color that can be highly calming is blue. There are various shades of blue that can look very different from each other, but blue is always calming no matter what shade it is. If you want a natural color that is sure to stand out, there are various shades of blue that can be perfect. From navy blue to bright blue, there is a great blue shade that will make you happy when you see it on your shed. When it’s time to buy a shed, consider shades of blue for their deeply calming nature and their good looks.

GreenDeep Green

Forest and hunter-greens are great shades for your shed siding options. These make a great shade for a shed because they go without the outdoor greenery, especially if you have trees and shrubs in darker green colors. If you want to keep your backyard green, you can buy a shed that makes this happen. Deep greens are also trendy colors that will make the shed look modern as well as make it fit in with all the green areas outdoors.


There are many shades of gray that are highly trendy right now. If you want your shed to be on the cutting edge of trendy shades, you may want to pick a gray for your shed. Gray is also great for not showing dirt and being easy on the eyes. It’s never a harsh color, and it’s a natural one that looks great on outdoor items. Grays are sophisticated and modern, bringing style to any backyard shed. Shades of gray look luxurious as well as modern.

When you’re picking out your shed’s colors, think about the colors present in the neighborhood, your fence’s color, your home’s color, and what you want from your she’s color. Whether you want it to look modern, trendy, or traditional, blend into the yard, or to grab the eyes, there is a great shade that you’ll be happy with. If you still aren’t sure about your color, you can use our shed color configurator to see how each shade would look.

Wrapping up

As you can see, there are a lot of directions to go with your new shed to ensure it has the proper look. Hopefully, you have a little clearer idea now of what you want to do with your backyard space and where you want to go with it!

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