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Using Storage Buildings For Business Expansion

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on July 20, 2016

Blog: Using Storage Buildings For Business Expansion

Consider using a storage building for business inventory, overflow, office space, and more.

Storage buildings serve many purposes and functions. One use often overlooked is business expansion. Perhaps your small business needs more useable space or an area dedicated to storing inventory and overstock items. If so, a storage building is an ideal solution. 

Inventory Storage

If you don't have a warehouse but have inventory or overstock items that are consuming valuable office space, consider buying a storage building. Choose a size based on both current and foreseeable future needs. Add commercial grade shelving or a storage system to maximize space and simplify inventory management.

TIP: Not sure how to manage your inventory? Read the article, "Five Steps to Painless Inventory Management" for advice and ideas.

When you shop with us, you have the option of adding insulation to your building to ensure the items within are protected against temperature extremes. You can also choose to add a garage door for easy loading and unloading. 

More Useable Space

To expand useable work space, consider buying a storage building instead of renting a mobile trailer or building an addition. 

Mobile trailers are most often used as temporary office solutions and building additions can be costly. On the other hand, storage buildings are semi-permanent yet affordable options that not only solve space problems but have the flexibility and versatility to be repurposed for whatever other needs may arise.   

If you're looking for office space, consider adding built-in shelves that function well as desks and additional windows for more natural light. Click here for more tips for creating office space in a storage building.

Why Dakota Storage Buildings?

In addition to crafting durable, high-quality storage buildings, we offer a 6-year top-to-bottom limited warranty, excellent customer service, factory direct pricing, payment options, and several display locations.

We sell our sheds factory direct which means there’s no middle man. We sell them directly you. This keeps your cost down and simplifies the buying process. Also, we offer three purchasing options: buy, finance, rent. Whether you want to buy outright or arrange a loan, we have an option that will make buying a shed feasible for you. 

All of our buildings can be built on-site or delivered fully intact. When you choose to have a shed or garage built on-site, we prefabricate the building in our factory and then transport the sections to your property for assembly. Learn more about our delivery process here.

If you're ready to expand the square footage of your business, we can help. Browse our Business Expansion Package by clicking the button below.

Configure Your Business Expansion Shed

It’s our mission to make high-quality buildings that exceed your expectations. Learn more by visiting us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Or you can do it the old-fashioned way by exploring our buildings in person at a display location near you!

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