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18+ Ways To Use A Storage Building

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on July 12, 2016

Blog: 18+ Ways To Use A Storage Building

18+ Ways To Use A Storage Building

Because storage buildings are versatile, they have many uses and functions. You may buy a shed or garage for one purpose and end up using it for another. Below are some suggested uses, some traditional others unique. As you browse the list, you may consider buying a new shed or perhaps repurpose the one you already have.

General Storage

Storage buildings are practical and keep items dry, safe, and protected. They can free up your living space by housing seasonal decor, storage bins, bikes, outdoor equipment, and more. They're also great for storing work inventory and overstock items. Choose insulation to ensure protection against the heat and cold or add a garage door for easy loading and unloading.


Store your riding or push lawn mower, edger, hedge trimmers, landscape essentials like grass seed, fertilizer, soil, and flower pots, plus winter weather needs like shovels, de-icers, rock salt, and salt spreaders in a convenient backyard shed. This storage solution is also ideal for outdoor equipment like bicycles, small grills, charcoal, soccer balls, baseball bats, kites, small patio furniture, and more.

Farm Equipment

Every farm and farmette needs a reliable shed for the basics. Store small farm equipment and accessories in our storage building and your items will be protected from the elements, less likely to deteriorate, and reliable for performance. Keep belts, chains, clutches, cutting edges, and other parts subject to corrosion and deterioration dry and clean. For convenient access, add a garage door, or for more workspace, add a built in workbench.


Outdoor storage buildings dedicated to horticulture endeavors is a gardener’s dream. Garden sheds are perfect for utility and safe storage. Keep your hand tools, seeds, soil, fertilizer, pots, water cans, and more all in one convenient place. If you need space for starter plants, this option is great. It’s away from heavy traffic, pets, cold drafts, excess heat, and where spills of potting mixture and water won’t cause a problem.

Pool House

Because pool gear and accessories can accumulate and become cumbersome quickly, having a pool house only feet away is useful, practical, and convenient. In addition to storing pool noodles, cleaners, and other aquatic equipment, it can double as a changing room and snack station. Here are some tips for setting up your storage building as a backyard pool house.

Vehicle Garage

Your vehicle will last longer if it’s kept in a garage when not in use. Extreme winter conditions can cause annoying, inconvenient, and costly problems that can be easily prevented if vehicles are sheltered. During cold months, batteries can die, essential fluids can freeze, and vehicles can be buried in snow. Here are 3 reasons why your vehicle wants a garage.

ATV | Dirt Bike | Motorcycle

It’s best for your ATV, dirt bike, and motorcycle to be stored indoors. Not only does keeping these vehicles inside shelter them from the elements, but it provides security and optimal work space. Add a built-in workbench for added convenience. Our high-quality buildings will keep your vehicles safe and provide you with plenty of room to work on them.

She Shed

Imagine a room intended for crafting, scrapbooking, or writing. All that's required is a table, lighting, and a couple of chairs, or anything else you can dream up. If you have a porch on your shed, add outdoor curtains, a swing, or a bistro set for the finishing touch. This unique space can be personalized to fit anyone's dream she-shed retreat.

Man Cave

If you’re a man looking for a place to get away, a space to relax, fix things, or tinker, consider transforming a shed into a man cave. Whether it’s a woodworking shop, a sports den, or a surround sound theatre, our buildings will do the trick. Add insulation, a built-in workbench, or any of our other features to improve useability and comfort.


Most children love playing outside and having a space they can call their own. While many have a bedroom, a playroom or playhouse provides yet another creative space to encourage play and imagination. Because our buildings are durable, versatile, dependable, you can trust that your shed-turned-playhouse will be structurally safe and long-lasting. Your kids may be rough and tumble, but so are our buildings.

Chicken Coop

Whether you already have chickens or are looking to get some, using a shed for a backyard chicken coop is a great idea. If purchasing a shed, you have the benefit of starting from scratch which will enable you to customize the coop. Because 4.5 square feet of space is needed per chicken, 10 chickens would fit comfortably in a standard 8×10 ft. or 8×12 ft. shed.


If you want to create an outdoor living space for your pet, or just need to get down-and-dirty with a hands-on project, consider converting your shed into a doghouse. While dogs need companionship and human interaction to thrive, having private quarters outside could be a great thing for both your dog and your family. Don’t have space in your current shed, no problem. We have a wide range of sheds that can meet your need. As you think about outdoor arrangements for your pooch, here are some important things to consider.

Hunting Shed

Some of our customers have purchased sheds for the sole purpose of turning them into their ideal hunting shed. Here are five considerations for creating your own hunting shed.

Golf Shed

What golfer doesn't want their own golf shed to store game gear and accessories? Whether you’re lucky enough to live on a golf course, you practice in your backyard, or you tour various courses in the area; you can still create your own golf haven with a pre-made shed.

Art Studio

Transforming your backyard shed into an art studio is simple and fun. You can splatter as much paint as you want, keep all of your supplies out and in one place, and disappear to the backyard whenever creativity strikes. Here are a few things to consider when turning your backyard shed into a unique art space.

Snowmobile Storage

If you have a snowmobile, you probably wait all year for the arrival of sled-worthy snow. From trails to off-roading adventures, who doesn’t love the rush of riding through winter’s wonderland? Until then, make sure your snowmobile and garage are ready. Here are a few helpful tips.

Home Office

If you need a home office or more personal workspace, consider relocating. Sure, that sounds expensive, but it doesn't need to be! There's no reason to buy a larger house or even add a pricey addition to your home; just convert a shed into an office! It's affordable and practical. If you own your home and you have usable land, this solution is ideal.

Boat Storage

Storing your boat indoors - whether in between trips or for the winter - will help protect it from the elements and extend its life. The most ideal scenario would be to store the boat and trailer on your property. A garage is a logical storage solution. Don't have a garage? Or is your boat just a little too long to store in your garage? You're in luck! We have solutions for both of these problems!

Home Gym

Is it time to consider creating a home gym? A dedicated fitness space doesn't have to cost much money, plus it has the added value of being convenient and accessible. The best part is that it could be located in your own backyard. Here are some ideas and suggestions for starting a small, reasonable home gym.


If you're interested in buying a storage building, we can help. Design your ownor if you're not exactly sure what you're looking for, search our suggested uses. If you have questions, feel free to contact us!

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