Why We Use Sherwin-Williams Paint

Why Dakota Storage Buildings Uses Sherwin-Williams Paint

We offer time-honored craftsmanship, superior customer service, and only premium products.

We use premium quality materials for three reasons.

1. We believe our buildings are a representation of our craftsmanship and integrity, so we only use the best materials. If your building looks bad or isn't made properly, we look bad and you feel disappointed. No one wins. Our goal is to satisfy our customers and showcase the products that make us so proud.

2. Using great materials makes our job easier. Premium materials are easier to build with and increase our productivity. This increased productivity allows us to sell you a much higher quality building for a cost similar to our competitors. 

3. High-quality materials increase the lifespan of a storage building and cut down on the maintenance needed to keep each Dakota Storage Building shed and garage in top condition.

All of our buildings have a 30-year roof guarantee with a sound rafter system featuring 20 gauge steel gussets for incredible weight bearing in seasons of heavy snow. Down to the flooring and pressure treated 4×4 runners, our buildings are built to provide many years of use and value.

That's why we use Sherwin-Williams paints.

We use Sherwin-Williams paint exclusively for our painted and Lap siding buildings as well as for the trim packages we offer. We believe that the paint we use should be as dependable as the materials we use to build our sheds and garages.

2016 marked Sherwin-Williams 150th anniversary (they started in 1866!). The founders, Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams, would be proud to see how their company has grown and how their brand and reputation has become known for quality and trust. It's not hard to understand why Sherwin-Williams has grown to be the third-largest paint manufacturer and distributor in the world, and why they claimed the top position for exterior paints this annual survey.

Over the last 150 years, Sherwin-Williams products have beautified and protected many of the world's most iconic structures, such as The White House (D.C.), Freedom Tower (New York), The Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco), and The Hollywood Sign (Los Angeles).

Their high-quality paint provides superior coverage and holds up to wear & tear, harsh weather, and regular cleaning. Of course, their standard colors will match almost any building or house. In the off chance it doesn't, they can custom match the color.

There are many reasons why so many professionals look to Sherwin-Williams for their paint needs. For those same reasons, we're proud to use such high-quality and reputable paint, too!

All the colors!

Beyond our Sherwin-Williams paint options for painted and Lap siding buildings and trim packages, we also have color options for our:

  • Metal siding and roofing
  • Owens Corning shingles
  • Trim packages for our vinyl and steel sheds
  • Garage doors
  • Window shutters
  • Flower boxes

Browse the color swatches below or click here.





Explore our storage buildings.

If you don't already own a shed or garage, consider buying a dependable and high-quality storage building from us!

We sell four styles: Ranch, Deluxe, High Barn, and Low Barn.

  • Ranch style storage buildings are A-frame sheds with the primary door located on the side.

  • With a wider trim and steeper roofline, our Deluxe storage building boasts a classic, timeless look. Standard features include double doors with transom windows, two arched gable vents, a trim package, and LP ProStruct Flooring.

  • High Barn and Low Barn styles combine traditional styling with generous overhead storage space. The roof has two slopes on each side of the ridge with a steeper, lower slope, providing extra headroom.

We know that storage buildings are big investments, and there's a lot to consider when shopping for one. If you're not sure where to get started, we can help. Our Ultimate Shed Buying Guide provides a complete look at the shed buying process from start to finish.

If you're ready to buy, get an obligation-free quote from our website, or stop by one of our South Dakota or Minnesota display locations to see our sheds up close.

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