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5 Shed Organization Hacks to Make the Most of Your Space

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on May 10, 2023


A backyard storage shed can quickly get cluttered. If you do not spend much time in the shed, it is easy for things to be thrown in there without a second thought. Knowing where every item is in your shed eliminates the time you would waste hunting for an item. Plus, an organized shed frees up extra space to store more items. You must organize your backyard storage shed to take full advantage of it. Do not worry; we know organization only comes naturally to some. To help you in the process, keep reading to see our top five shed organization hacks that will help you make the most of your space. 

Shed Organization Hacks That Top the Rest

When you buy a shed, you may not consider the organizational opportunities that come with it. Sure, you know it provides extra space, but when utilized strategically, you can fit even more of your things to declutter your home and equip yourself with the peace of mind that your home will be clean. The organization is not one size works all and is entirely different for each person. No one’s stuff is the same as their neighbor, so you must take these shed storage hacks and customize them to fit your space and property. Going through the complex organization process is well worth it in the end. Let’s dive into five practical shed organization hacks to help get your space back in order. 

5 Shed Storage Hacks

Throughout our experience with customers purchasing sheds, we've observed numerous inventive organization methods they've devised to maintain a neat and tidy shed. After exploring various storage options and testing some personally, we've identified the top five storage hacks to help declutter your shed. By incorporating some of these solutions, we're certain you'll enhance your shed's usability and transform its overall appearance.

1. Hang Your Items Wherever Possible

Utilizing wall space to hang things whenever possible can be a lifesaver for your storage shed. By keeping things off the floor and onto the walls, you can maximize your floor space to fit more stuff. Small items like garden tools can easily hang from a pegboard for easy access. However, large items can hang from the walls too. Bikes, tennis rackets, and lawn chairs can hang from the walls or ceilings to free up floor space. By hanging as much as possible, you can guarantee that you will not be stepping on things every time you enter your shed. 

2. Organize by Section

If you have a smaller shed, this is one of the most helpful tips we can give you. It can be overwhelming when you have many items to fit into a small space. Organizing your belongings into categories can help ensure that like items are stored together. Organizing each section ensures that similar items will be placed and eventually found in one area. Refrain from wasting time looking for an item that seems to have disappeared. Instead, organize by section and label buckets and bins for easy access. 

3. Maximize Wall Space With Racks and Shelves

We touched on this in the first hack, but thinking vertically is critical. A storage shed may have a small surface area, but when you factor in its volume, you will find it has more space than you think. Utilizing walls and ceiling space strategically is essential to use every organizational opportunity. Shelving and overhead storage racks are practical and easy ways to use every inch of space. Wall shelves give you room to store small to medium-sized items, while overhead storage lets you keep bulky items away from the floor. Keeping things tidy in a small space can be challenging, but racks and shelving make it much more manageable. 

4. Take Advantage of Cabinets and Toolboxes

Your most used items must have their specific storage space with easy access. For example, garden equipment and other tools can be stored in a toolbox so you can grab them and go. Cabinets are a great way to store other items while keeping them out of view. This gives the appearance of a tidy shed while also serving as a valuable storage solution. When your items are put away in a toolbox or cabinet, it will help ensure that small items are not cluttering the floor of your shed. 

5. Prioritize Space

With any outdoor storage shed, space is precious. The best way to organize your space is different for every shed owner. When you buy a shed, remember what will be going into the structure and how you can organize it. A game plan is helpful and can keep you on track as you add your belongings. When you consider where you will place each category of items, try to keep the most used items close to the door. That way, you can access them quickly and do not have to weave your way around the other things you choose to store in the shed. 

Give Yourself and Your Items a Fresh Start

If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you have, decluttering and organizing your storage shed is one of the best places to start eliminating stress. Cleaning up your space ensures that every item has a home. Knowing where an item is located and having easy access can make your daily routine much smoother. If you are in dire need of a fresh start, organize your outdoor shed. You will be amazed at the difference it can make in your life! 

Find the Best Shed for Your Items 

When you buy a shed, there are many aspects to consider — including shed organization. This seemingly small detail can end up significantly affecting your purchasing decision. Selecting the best shed for your goals, needs, and budget is essential, but considering secondary issues like organization possibilities can also help find the perfect outdoor shed. If you are looking for shed-buying tips and more shed organization hacks to help you be prepared for the upcoming seasons, download our free Shed Buying Workbook!

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