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Find a Perfect Fit: Explore Extra Large Garden Shed for Ample Storage

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on October 02, 2023

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Searching for a garden shed is no small task, especially when you have distinct needs for space and safety. The need for a larger, more specialized garden shed is evident with a collection of garden equipment and other items like gas, fertilizers, and pesticides that are too hazardous to store indoors. This blog is designed to introduce you to the must-have features of the perfect garden shed and why going extra large might just be the ideal solution. Remember, if you have an increasing amount of belongings, you will need to buy a shed with more room, and an extra large garden shed is precisely the answer.

Essential Components of an Extra Large Garden Shed

When envisioning the perfect garden shed, especially one that is extra large, it is crucial to prioritize both functionality and aesthetics. While space is a significant advantage, how that space is utilized will determine the true value of the shed. Here are some indispensable elements that every high-quality garden shed must incorporate.

Adding Windows: Natural light is not just about illuminating the shed's interiors but about creating a lively atmosphere. Windows can transform a shed from a mere storage space to a place where you can spend time. Whether you are potting plants, cleaning tools, or simply looking for something, the influx of sunlight can elevate the experience. If you consider using part of your shed as a mini greenhouse, windows are non-negotiable.

Floor Space and Headroom: The essence of an extra-large garden shed is its spaciousness. When planning or choosing a shed, it is essential to ensure sufficient floor space to accommodate all your items without them being cramped. But equally important is the headroom. A shed where you can comfortably stand and move around, or even install taller shelves or racks, optimizes the space vertically, making room for those long-handled tools or taller equipment.

Workbench: A solid, sturdy workbench can be a game-changer for garden enthusiasts. It offers a dedicated space for potting plants, repairing small equipment, or organizing tools. Depending on your requirements, you can customize the workbench with hooks for tools, shelves for pots, or even a pegboard backdrop for miscellaneous items.

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Loft Space: Why just limit the storage to the ground? An added loft in a garden shed is like discovering bonus storage. A loft ensures that the floor remains more manageable, especially useful for seasonal items or things you don't access frequently. Think of it as an attic for your garden shed — a place to store garden furniture covers in summer or plant pots in winter.

Durable Flooring: The foundation of a good shed is its flooring. Considering the weight of garden tools and equipment, having a robust and durable floor is crucial. Materials resistant to oil, chemicals, and, most importantly, moisture will ensure longevity. A slightly elevated floor can also prevent water from leaking during rain.

Security: While we focus on aesthetics and organization, the security of your shed is crucial. High-quality locks, possibly reinforced doors or even a simple alarm system, can protect your tools and equipment from potential theft.

Ventilation: Good airflow is essential, especially if you are storing chemicals, fertilizers, or gas in your shed. Vents, ideally placed on opposite sides of the shed or on the roof, can ensure continuous airflow, reducing humidity and preventing the buildup of any harmful fumes.

Garden Sheds: Workspace, Storage, and Aesthetics Combined

A Dedicated Workspace

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A large storage shed has evolved past the mere storage solution they once were. Today, an extra-large shed can be the cornerstone for creativity and productivity. Imagine converting a section of your shed into a potting station for plants, a craft area, or even a small woodworking studio. With the additional space, the possibilities are broadened, offering room for both storage and activities that fuel your passions.

A Storage Solution

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The extra space outside your house can be a blessing in many scenarios. Perhaps there is antique furniture you inherited and are still deciding about integrating into your home decor. Maybe there is a collection of old books or memorabilia you just can not part with. Storing them in your garden shed keeps them safe and accessible without cluttering your living space.

Additionally, the need to store chemicals is given to those keen on gardening. Pesticides, fertilizers, and other garden treatment substances can be harmful if kept indoors. An extra large garden shed ensures they have their designated spot, safely away from children, pets, and any potential mishaps.

A Place For Tool Organization

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Organization is the key to efficiency. When every tool, from your smallest pruning shears to your bulkiest lawn mower, has a set place, tasks become simpler and quicker. No more wasted hours searching for that one tool. With a larger space, you can even consider adding wall-mounted tool racks or magnetic strips, ensuring that every piece of equipment is always within arm's reach.

An Extension of Your Home

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Contrary to the old perception, today’s garden sheds can be a visual delight. An extra large shed offers more surface area to customize your shed exactly how you want it. Consider planting a vertical garden on one side or painting a mural. With the right design, your shed can be a centerpiece, a talking point during barbecues or garden parties. Here are a few ways to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your shed:

Flower Boxes: Adding these under windows can introduce a splash of color and nature to your shed's exterior. Flower boxes can make your shed look right at home in your backyard and give you extra space to plant your favorite flowers. 

Ramps: A sturdy ramp is a necessity for any garden shed. Wheelbarrows, lawnmowers, and other large equipment will need an easy-access way to go in and out of the shed. Integrating a ramp into your shed’s design will make it a seamless transition. 

Skylights: An elegant solution to brighten the shed's interior while adding a modern touch. Skylights are perfect for propagating or planting seeds inside your shed. It will provide natural sunlight while keeping your plant safe from outside elements. 

Built-in Loft: Visibly segmented storage levels can be an efficient storage solution. A loft can store equipment you may not use as often, freeing up space to move and work on the ground. 

Workbenches with Storage Below: A well-crafted workbench gives you a designated place to tend to your potted plants without bending over or sitting on the ground. Plus, the space underneath the workbench can be equipped with shelves or drawers to hold your smaller gardening equipment. 

Window Shutters: Add a rustic charm or a quaint appeal with decorative shutters. While window shutters are unnecessary, they certainly add that extra touch that makes the shed look more welcoming. Plus, it can add another dimension to your shed that helps it blend in with your home’s aesthetic. 

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Extra Large Garden Shed Styles

The concept of garden sheds has come a long way from the drab, boxy structures that lurked in the corner of a garden, primarily serving as an unimpressive storage space. The world of garden sheds offers a palette of styles, colors, and features, making them as much a statement piece as they are functional. These modern sheds are about stowing away tools and reflecting a homeowner's aesthetic sense and functional needs. With dimensions sprawling across 12 by 20 feet, it isn't just a shed; it's an expansive outdoor room. This model provides almost double the storage space compared to a standard garden shed, making it a haven for avid gardeners or homeowners with extensive storage needs. But the Garden Shed XL's offerings do not end with storage. Its expansive size means it can double up as an outdoor workspace, a home gym, an art studio, or even a tranquil retreat away from the main house.

Discover the Potential of Extra Large Garden Sheds

Extra Large Garden sheds are more than just functional structures; they are an extension of your home, representing your lifestyle and gardening aspirations. While the primary need may be storage, the best sheds cater to multiple requirements, from serving as a serene retreat to becoming a hub of creativity. With numerous styles, sizes, and customizations available, it is natural to feel overwhelmed when you decide to buy a shed. Factors like the material of the shed, its longevity, maintenance requirements, and, of course, budget all play a pivotal role in the decision-making process.

Our mission is to provide you with a storage solution and ensure that you enjoy every step of this journey. From understanding your needs and offering insights into the latest trends to guiding you on maximizing your shed's potential, we are here to assist. Before diving into this exciting venture, we encourage you to gather all the information you can. If you are ready to learn more, consider downloading our detailed shed-buying workbook. It is crafted with care and is designed to help guide you toward choosing the perfect shed.

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