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3 Reasons Why A Shed Loft Makes Storage Organization Easier

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on July 24, 2018


Sheds are great storage solutions—but imagine how much more storage you could get from a shed if had one or two built-in overhead lofts.

When was the last time you looked inside your shed and thought it was a lost cause? Or perhaps when you think of your shed, you imagine all the junk that been shoved inside.

Depending on the size of your shed and the amount of clutter inside, tackling shed organization can feel overwhelming.

In this post, we have some ways that you can get a grip on your storage anxieties. From traditional storage ideas to a commonly overlook solution—shed lofts—you can certainly clean up and maximize the space inside your shed.

Traditional Storage Options

Making the most of floor and wall space in a shed is fairly straightforward. It’s creating a design layout and measuring everything correctly that can be a nuisance. Here are a few common storage shed organization ideas. How many of these storage solutions are you currently using in your shed? Better yet, which ones are working best? Which are failing miserably?


Wall shelving is a reliable go-to. You can buy portable plastic units from your local home improvement store, hang a shelving system like these by RhinoShelf, use an organization system like VersaCaddy which utilizes the vertical space between studs, or you can build wood shelves on your own.

In all of these cases, keep in mind the height and length of the of the shelves. Also, consider the size, number of shelves, color, product material, price—and depending on the items you're storing—you may want to consider an option that has ventilated shelves to prevent standing water and mildew.


If you use your shed as a workshop—a place where you not only store your lawn mower, but a space where you fix things and tinker—having a workbench is a great way to keep your tools organized and a tabletop space clutter free for work projects. Keep your saws, saw horses, tools, shop vac, clamps, and more on or under your workbench. And just like shelving, you can buy a workbench or build one yourself.

Wall Hooks

Mounting hooks to a wall is a simple solution for keeping items easily accessible and in order. There are a variety of hook types. If you’re not sure if a specific hook exists, a simple Google search will reveal a plethora of options. For instance, there are hooks for hanging handled tools like brooms, shovels, and rakes. And there are options that work for storing cables, extensions cords, and hoses without tangling. You can even arrange hooks to hang ladders horizontally across a wall. Thinking outside the box is helpful in creating unique and practical storage fixes.


Setting up a pegboard wall gives you unlimited organization ability. Buy a pegboard hook assortment kit, and you have a flexible storage solution that’s able to change if you need it. Most people like this option because it’s easy to install, and it serves as a sturdy display system that’s easy to rearrange and customize.

While these solutions are practical and helpful, they don’t fully utilize the space inside a shed. So, what can you do to improve your storage? Think lofts!

The Overlooked Storage Solution

In addition to the ideas mentioned, consider overhead storage. Shed lofts provide storage in what is often unused or under-utilized space. This helps to make storage organization easier and more effective.

Here are three reasons why shed lofts make storage organization even better.

  1. It increases your storage capacity. Take advantage of all of your space—don’t just store your things on the floor or on shelves when you can use what’s traditionally wasted space. You can greatly increase your storage capability by using the space above your head.
  1. It allows you to store things up-and-out-of-the-way. Do you stumble over plastic bins of holiday decorations in the middle of summer when you want your bike, not your Christmas wreath? Get seasonal items and occasionally-used things out of the way—but within reach when you need it—by using up-and-out-of-the-way storage like a loft.
  1. You can store things off the floor and away from pests. Free up space and keep things away from rodents and other ground-dwelling pests by storing items up in the loft instead of down on the floor. Plus, if you’re concerned about water gathering on the floor of your shed and potentially creating mold on boxes, keeping them up high will eliminate this concern.

Where can you find a shed with lofts?

From large coolers and heavy-duty storage bins to seasonal decor and scarcely-used items, storing them up in a shed loft keeps it all together, off the floor, and neatly organized. Store items up high that you use seasonally or infrequently—such as camping gear, coolers, plastic storage bins with seasonal decor—so that valuable square footage is freed up.

It’s time to stop wasting perfectly good storage space!

Sure, you could build a loft in a storage shed but why not buy a shed that already has one—or two?

We can add up to two lofts—one on the front and another on the back—that are 4 foot deep. Our built-in loft storage option is available for many of our shed styles but works best with a High Barn storage building or with our Farm Storage Package. Configure your custom shed today and don’t forget to add a loft or two!

Configure My Shed

Lofts are just one of many available additions. Explore all of our features, upgrades, and add-ons.

Explore Shed Features, Upgrades & Add-ons

Imagine having an attractive, high-quality shed that’s practical and dependable—and full of storage options like a loft, VersaCaddy wall storage, and maybe even a built-in workbench. With Dakota Storage Buildings, you can have all of these and more.  

Read more.

It’s our mission at Dakota Storage Buildings to make affordable, high-quality buildings that exceed expectations. Explore our storage buildings in person at any of our South Dakota or Minnesota display lot locations or stay at home and try out our online configurator.

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