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Fix The Storage Problems On Your Farm

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on September 27, 2016

Dakota Storage Blog_Fix The Storage Problems On Your Farm

Having a farm requires equipment and tools - the trick is figuring out how to store them.

Every farm needs a reliable shed for all the basics required for maintenance. Keeping equipment and tools secure and organized in a nearby, easy-to-access place makes life easier. The items you may need to organize and store could include trucks, seeds, chemicals, planters, drills, tractors, air compressors, nuts & bolts, hydraulic fittings, pipe fittings, and more.


A storage building will provide protection from the elements keeping everything primed for high performance. By storing belts, chains, clutches, cutting edges, and more in an organized way within your building will prevent corrosion and deterioration by keeping them dry and clean.

To offer the most protection, we offer the following building features.

Pressure Treated Skids - Because our storage building skids are made of pressure treated wood, they will not rot with ground contact and will increase the building's lifespan substantially. 

Pressure Treated Floor Joists - Our floor joists are pressure treated so that they are protected from moisture, rotting, and most insects. 

T&G High-Performance OSB FlooringOur tongue and groove sheeting is 3/4” thick. It's engineered to resist large amounts of moisture and can help prevent costly and time-consuming joint sanding. If this flooring gets wet, it will dry level and flat.  


Garage Doors - Our garages come with Clopay Premium Series overhead garage doors which feature Intellicore insulation, a proprietary polyurethane foam that is injected into a garage door and expands to fill the entire structure. The result is a door with incredible strength and durability. Consider adding a second door to create a drive through garage. Storing drivable equipment can be tricky or inconvenient. Having a garage with two overhead doors can make the process much easier. Think about pulling a tractor straight through the building without having to reverse! Discover more benefits of a drive-through garage.  

Double Doors - For convenience, choose to add a second set of double doors, wood or fiberglass. Our durable and strong fiberglass doors prevent twisting, warping, and rotting.

Built-in Workbench - For more workspace, our 2-4' deep shelves make great built-in workbenches. It’s an easy way to get the extra storage space you need.


Surveys have shown that farmers now want aesthetically pleasing buildings that blend with the rest of their farm. Are you looking for a storage building with a little more curb appeal? We offer several building styles with various siding options and color choices. We also offer add-ons like flower boxes, shutters, and additional windows. Customize your building to your needs.

Additional Shed Uses

Chicken CoopSheds make ideal chicken coops. Honestly. A few benefits of a shed coops include being able to stand up in it for easy cleaning, enough space for the chickens to fly and roam, functionality paired with curb appeal and customization. 

Doghouse - If you’re looking for a doghouse for your farm dog, our buildings offer perfect solutions. While dogs need companionship and human interaction to thrive, having private quarters outside could be a great thing for both your dog, your family, and your homestead. 

Helpful Farming Websites With More Storage Tips

Next Step

Whether your looking to buy your first storage building or need additional one, take a moment to explore our storage buildings or call (888) 832-6889 to talk to our Sales Representative, James to learn about building options and pricing.

Before you purchase a garage, consider whether you want your building delivered or built-on-site. Don't forget that laying a proper foundation for any style storage building is important!

If you need a little guidance as you shop for the ideal shed or garage, be sure to download our free Ultimate Storage Building Buying Guide.

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