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​4 Benefits of A Drive-Through Garage

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on September 07, 2016

4 Benefits of A Drive-Through Garage blog post

Drive-through garages are unusual but brilliant.

Have you ever seen a drive-through garage? While they are rare and somewhat unusual, they're practical and boast many benefits. Think for a moment about how you would benefit from having a drive-through garage. Having overhead garage doors in both the front and rear of your garage opens a world of endless possibilities.  

While you could achieve the same effect with double doors, depending on the overhead door you're considering, a single garage door could be cheaper and easily rolled up for convenient out-of-sight storage. 

Whatever your needs or lifestyle, you may be surprised how useful a drive-through garage can be. Here are just four benefits; we're sure you can think of more.

Mobility Without Moving Vehicles

Most people have to back their car out of a garage before they can access a motorcycle, lawn mower, bicycles, kayaks, and more. However, having a second door provides an additional exit and entrance point which makes getting yard equipment and other large or cumbersome objects out of the garage possible without having to maneuver vehicles. 

Also, instead of lugging the back patio tables, chairs, umbrellas, and more all the way around to the front of the garage for winter storage, you can conveniently open the back overhead door to load in seasonal furniture. 

Trailer Storage

Storing a trailer can be tricky or inconvenient, to say the least. However having a garage with two overhead doors can make the process much easier. Depending on the length of the garage, location, and accessibility, you could potentially pull a trailer straight through the building without having to reverse or even unhook the trailer. 

If you're looking to store a trailer at your home in a residential neighborhood, there's a good chance the process would be trickier but not impossible. Even if the garage isn't ideally situated and you may need to back up the trailer, there is still a way to store it. By leaving the back overhead door open, any trailer can fit in partially so that they front door can be closed. If your backyard is fenced in, the contents of your trailer and garage should remain relatively secure.

Perhaps it isn't your trailer that's a problem, maybe it's your boat. Is it just a little too long to store in your garage? We have solutions for that, too. Click here for ways to store your boat in your garage.   

Increased Air Circulation

Whether it's a smoldering hot day or you're working on something that produces smoke, exhaust, dust, or wood chipping (click here to learn how to create a backyard woodworking shop) opening doors on either end of your garage will assure maximum circulation. While a double rear door would be sufficient, an overhead garage door offers the greatest potential for fresh air access.

Don't let hot weather keep you from enjoying your garage. Here are some practical ways to keep your garage cool and comfortable.

Backyard Hangout

Planning a backyard get-together has never been easier or more convenient. Open your back garage door and make a portion of the space a comfortable hangout that offers shelter from sun and rain. Consider transforming the area behind the garage into a patio. With easy access to furniture, grill, and more through the back garage door, make your cookouts happen, rain or shine.

Besides being practical and convenient, your backyard hangout can also be beautiful. Unless you're a landscaping genius with more ideas and time than the average person, you may find these backyard landscaping suggestions helpful; all are simple but require different levels of effort.

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