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Setting Up a Cozy Backyard Kennel: A Paradise for Your Beloved Family Pets

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on November 15, 2023

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Your working or hunting dogs are more than just an animal that shares your living space; they are a trusted companion, a source of unconditional love, and, for some, a hard-working family member. Working dogs, in particular, are a special breed. Whether they are herding livestock, assisting people with disabilities, or performing search and rescue tasks, these dogs put in a good day's work just like we do. So, after a long day of work, your dog deserves a place where they can wind down, stretch out, and feel safe. For many dog owners, setting up an outdoor kennel in their backyard provides an excellent solution that caters to a dog's natural instincts and behaviors while offering the owner peace of mind. In this blog, we will explore the multitude of benefits of kennels, offer some exciting ideas to make an outdoor dog kennel more enjoyable, and discuss why these kennels can be the perfect haven for your furry friend.

Why an Outdoor Kennel is a Must-have for Working Dogs and Family Pets

Choosing to invest in an outdoor kennel is a decision that brings with it a multitude of advantages, particularly for those who own working dogs. Working dogs are specialized breeds trained for specific tasks such as herding, guarding, or service assistance. These dogs often have high energy levels, specialized skills, and sometimes even a certain level of independence. Their working nature makes them well-suited for spending extended periods outside, so an outdoor kennel is not just a convenience for you — it aligns with their instincts and lifestyle.

An outdoor kennel serves as a multipurpose space. First, it gives your working dog or family pets a secure place to enjoy the fresh air, bask in the sun, or take a quick nap, all while keeping them safely contained. For pet owners who have to leave the house for extended periods, the kennel serves as a controlled environment where the dog can relieve itself, thereby avoiding indoor accidents. An outdoor kennel acts as a reliable shelter, shielding your dog from potential hazards such as traffic, predators, and even theft. Before you rush to purchase or build an outdoor kennel, consider your dog's specific needs. Are they a larger breed that requires more space to move around? Do they have any specific habits or needs that should be accommodated? Planning around your dog's characteristics can make a world of difference in how they perceive and use the space.

Where you choose to set up the outdoor kennel is critical for your convenience and, more importantly, for your dog's well-being. First, consider nighttime noises. You probably will not appreciate being woken up by midnight barking. Make sure to place the kennel at an appropriate distance from your living spaces. You will also need to think about sun exposure and drainage. Even if your dog loves to sunbathe, too much sun can be harmful. Select a location that offers both sun and shade so your dog can choose where they want to be at different times of the day. The last thing you want is a flooded kennel after a rainstorm. Survey your property and place the kennel in an area where water does not accumulate.

Elevating the Kennel Experience for Your Dog

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A well-designed kennel is much more than a place to keep your dog; it is a designed environment where your dog can feel secure, relaxed, and comfortable. Especially for working dogs, who expend a lot of energy during their tasks, having a space tailored for rest and relaxation can dramatically improve their mood and performance. A poorly designed or cramped space can harm your dog’s mental well-being and lead to behavioral issues or decreased work efficiency.

Optimal for Various Types of Dogs

Large Dog Breeds: Size is an obvious concern when you have a large dog breed. With more room to roam, a kennel can provide the much-needed space large dogs require to feel comfortable and not confined.

Working Dogs: For working dogs, a shelter kennel serves as their resting quarters after an exhausting day of tasks. They will need a place to switch off and recuperate for the next day's work.

Dogs With Behavioral Issues: If your dog exhibits destructive behavior when you are not around, a kennel can be an excellent way to manage this behavior. By offering a controlled environment with their favorite toys and comforts, you reduce the chance of them taking out their energy on your furniture or other household items.

Outdoor-loving Dogs: Some dogs are naturally more inclined to enjoy the great outdoors. Being cooped up inside can lead to frustration and restlessness for these breeds. A shelter kennel allows them to enjoy the outside world safely and in a controlled manner.

Essential Features of a Quality Kennel

A high-quality outdoor kennel should be more than just four walls and a roof; it should be a haven that meets your dog’s physical and emotional needs. Look for insulated kennels to protect your dog from hot and cold temperatures. Waterproofing is another essential feature that will keep your dog dry during wet weather. Size matters, too. The kennel should be large enough for your dog to move around freely but not so large that they feel insecure. If you have multiple dogs, consider a kennel that can comfortably accommodate all of them with enough space for each to have their little corner. Security is a top priority. Your kennel should be robust and durable enough to keep your dog safely inside and potential hazards, such as other animals or even humans, safely outside.

Create a Kennel Your Dog Will Love to Be In

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The first step in making your dog's kennel experience enjoyable is reframing what the kennel represents. Many dogs might be apprehensive about spending time in a new environment, especially if they associate kennels or enclosed spaces with isolation or punishment. Make the effort to introduce the kennel as a positive space right from the start. Spend time with your dog in and around the kennel, feed them treats while inside, and generally create a positive association with the space.

A kennel doesn't have to be a barren space. Family pets, like dogs, have an instinct to nest and burrow; it provides them with a sense of security and comfort. Stock the kennel with soft blankets, cushions, or even a doggy bed. These items keep your dog cozy and offer a familiar scent and texture that can make the kennel feel like home. Invest in a variety of toys that cater to your dog's interests and needs. From chew toys that help maintain dental hygiene to squeaky toys that entertain and puzzle toys that stimulate their mind — each can add a different dimension to their kennel time.

Your dog's kennel should be more than just a place to rest; it should be a space where they can engage in stimulating activities that keep both their body and mind active. This is particularly crucial for working dogs, who are used to having tasks to complete and need to maintain their sharp instincts even when they are not on duty.

Turning an Outdoor Kennel Into a Paradise for Your Working Dog

After a long, active day of work — or play — your dog deserves a haven where it can relax, rejuvenate, and prepare for the next adventure. Your dogs are not just family pets but a constant companion and dedicated working partner for many. It is only fitting that they should have a space that meets all their physical and emotional needs. An outdoor kennel can be a paradise for your dog, providing them with the space they need to be happy, healthy, and ready for whatever the next day brings. If you want to make your dog's life as fulfilling and comfortable as it makes yours, check out our free resource! Download “How to Ensure Your Working Dog is Happy and Healthy” today!

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