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Custom Sheds: Plastic vs. On-site: Which is Best?

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on December 29, 2022


If you need more room to store your things, you’re not alone. We all have things we’d like to store efficiently, and a garden shed can be a great place to do it. A shed can provide the extra space you need for storage, projects, sports equipment, gardening supplies, and more. When you’re choosing your garden shed, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is what the shed will be made from.

Many garden sheds are made from plastic and are put together at home, while others are made from wood and are delivered to the site already built. There are pros and cons of both of these materials, so you have to decide which factors are the most important for your investment in your garden shed.

Plastic Sheds

Plastic storage sheds are made from polymers that are commonly used and inexpensive. These sheds are highly easy to manufacture, and the material is not expensive, so the cost of these sheds will be lower. Many people choose plastic because they are so inexpensive, but there are other factors to consider. They have some advantages, but they come with a lot of drawbacks as well.

When you have a plastic garden shed, it has the advantage of being resistant to pests like termites. You wouldn’t have to worry about pest damage to these sheds. They are also resistant to rot and mold. Moisture won’t break this material down. They also don’t show damage from the cold, heat, or from rain over the years.

However, many homeowners’ associations don’t allow plastic sheds because they don’t have the good looks of a wooden garden shed and tend to get worn out relatively quickly. In general, plastic don’t come customized with the storage spaces you need in them. They are manufactured from man-made materials, and the manufacturers rely on them being inexpensive to produce. There is no room to get them customized by the manufacturer, so they may not provide a good use of space inside. And, they often can’t be customized after you buy them because they won’t stand up to changes like shelving being added. They may end up holding fewer items inside for this reason.

They often don’t look as good as wood garden sheds. Plastic may look as inexpensive as they are, and this can make people want to hide them rather than show them off. Adding to this, they stain easily. This can make them get quite stained when you store chemicals like oils inside them. They won’t rot or break down, but they can get cracked and chipped. The inexpensive material often means that they won’t last that long, especially with heavy use. An investment in a plastic shed will mean spending less, but the shed won’t look as good as one made of higher-quality materials.

Plastic sheds are usually put together by the purchaser rather than constructed by the manufacturer. This can be a difficult task to complete, and it can lead to complications if the shed isn’t put together properly. Tightening a screw too tightly may result in a crack that can cause problems throughout the life of the shed.

On-Site Sheds

When you have a garden shed made from higher-end materials and constructed by the manufacturer, you have a very different structure. A wooden shed is one that has its own benefits and drawbacks. It can be vulnerable to pests, and this can cause damage over time. However, many types of treated wood can be pest-resistant and keep them at bay.

When you get an on-site model, you have the option of a shed that has already been built, or you can have a custom shed created and built for you. Many wooden sheds have a great deal of room for customization. This can help you use the space inside better and to have more efficient storage in less space. Personalizing a custom shed can include everything from adding windows to specific trim to the specific shelves that are built inside it. There are many ways that a custom shed can be configured and built so that it meets the buyer’s storage needs.

An on-site shed is constructed of quality materials and then delivered to the buyer’s backyard. These sheds tend to be allowed by most HOAs for their dependability, long life, and their good looks. Having durable, dependable materials and sturdy construction often means that they are a good investment for those who need extra storage. The cost will be more upfront, but the shed tends to last longer than a plastic shed and will keep its attractive looks longer as well.

Once you have an on-site shed that is well-constructed, you can always add features to it if you ever decide to. You might get a custom shed with a number of useful shelves and later find that you need more shelving. With these sheds, you can install new shelves, hooks, and other organization methods without a problem. They are built to be durable and tough, so they also tend to be great for decorating to look any way you choose. Many people also add landscaping around them to add to their attractiveness.

The durability and longevity of any garden shed depend on both the method of construction and the quality of the materials used. With an on-site shed, effort is put into it to make it have both high-quality materials and construction. These sheds often come with long warranties, even when it’s a custom shed. And if repairs are ever needed, they’re much easier to apply. With a plastic shed, repairs are often impossible because the materials are weaker and more brittle.

Consider Your Investment

When you’re planning for a new shed for your backyard, think about what you want it to do and how you want it to look. Do you want it to last a long time? Will your neighborhood have a problem with a plastic shed? When you’re putting your money into a shed, it should be one that serves your needs. It’s often best to have a shed that will be customizable, sturdy, and ready to serve you with plenty of extra storage space.

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